VC Cameras

While Ving Room is most compatible with any USB-based camera, here is the list of camera series and models, we recommend you purchase in order to have a great meeting room experience. If you already have a camera with an HDMI video out, will need an HDMI to USB 3.0 4k converter to leverage your existing investment.

logitech Logo

The Logitech Rally series is a premium video conferencing camera system designed for large meeting rooms. It features 4K resolution, advanced optics, and RightSense™ technology for automatic framing and tracking of participants. With its sleek design, powerful audio capabilities, and compatibility with major video conferencing platforms, the Logitech Rally series offers a comprehensive solution for immersive and high-quality video meetings.

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The Cisco Room Kit series comprises various models like Room Kit Pro, Room Kit Plus, and Room Kit Mini. These cameras offer advanced video and audio capabilities, including 4K resolution, automatic framing, and powerful collaboration features integrated with the Webex platform. With their intelligent features and seamless integration, the Cisco Room Kit series delivers an enhanced video conferencing experience for different room sizes.

Polycom Logo

Polycom offers a range of cameras designed for video conferencing and collaboration. These cameras deliver high-quality video, often in HD or 4K resolution, with advanced features like automatic tracking and zooming. Polycom cameras are known for their reliability, flexibility, and integration with various video conferencing platforms, making them a popular choice for professional meeting rooms.

ClearOne Logo

ClearOne cameras are known for their exceptional video quality and flexibility. They offer options for PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras and wide-angle cameras, catering to different room sizes and requirements. ClearOne cameras provide superior video resolution, precise control, and integration with popular video conferencing platforms, enabling effective communication in diverse meeting environments.

Crestron Logo

Crestron cameras are designed for professional video conferencing and collaboration. They offer high-definition video output, precise PTZ control, and advanced features like facial recognition and occupancy sensing. Crestron cameras seamlessly integrate with Crestron control systems, allowing for centralized management and easy integration with other room technologies.

Bose Logo

The Bose VB (Video Bar) series combines video and audio capabilities in a single device. These all-in-one video bars provide high-definition video, powerful audio performance, and automatic beamforming technology to focus on active speakers. With their sleek design and simple installation, the Bose VB series offers an integrated solution for small to medium-sized meeting rooms.

Yealink Logo

Yealink cameras are designed for video collaboration and communication. They offer high-definition video output, wide-angle lenses, and flexible mounting options. Yealink cameras are known for their ease of use, compatibility with leading video conferencing platforms, and cost-effective solutions for small to medium-sized meeting spaces.

Nexvoo Logo

Nexvoo cameras offer a range of video conferencing solutions, including all-in-one video bars and PTZ cameras. They provide high-definition video, wide-angle lenses, and advanced features like automatic framing and background noise suppression. Nexvoo cameras are designed for simplicity and compatibility, delivering a seamless video conferencing experience.

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